Welcome to Anura, a true governance-first organization on the Avalanche network; building secure and stable utilities for a better Web3.

Protocol Overview

Anura is a governance-first decentralized organization. The protocol is focused on providing stable, secure, and universal decentralized applications, offering open token utility and more efficient cross-chain mechanics on the Avalanche network.

Anura is a multi-token protocol, using one token for native protocol utility and the other being used strictly for the allocation of organization governance. As listed below: - Ribbit ($RIBT) - ANURA ($ANURA)

Why Anura?

Anura was formed by a vibrant community of creators, blockchain and decentralized investors and enthusiasts alike, looking for somewhere to innovate and develop a brighter and more unique future for Web3.

The protocol is built on a governance-first framework, allowing all members of the community to obtain an equal share of governance. This allows the members of the protocol to determine the direction of the organization. All major decisions are handled by open community voting.

Anura ensures that information is readily available for community members. The protocol exists for the benefit of the community, making all efforts to bring stability and security to the world of decentralized finance.

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