DAO Treasury

The treasury is controlled by the Anura community. Funds within the treasury are used for approved DAO expenditures.

DAO Wallet Address

Functions of the Anura Treasury

The DAO treasury is the primary wallet address where Anura holds its funds. The wallet is a multi-signature wallet with three authorized signers. Actions that involve movement of treasury funds requires 2/3 signers to complete the transaction.

Anura DAO is governance-first; as such, any and all use of treasury funds must be requested and published in an official [AIP] proposal and voted on by the community.

Information regarding the Anura treasury:

  • The underlying assets held in the treasury may vary

  • $RIBT will always be held in reserve to better serve Anura protocols

  • The treasury may or may not invest in safe projects to earn yield and grow itself at the discretion of the core team.

All transactions made by the DAO can be found here.

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