StableFrog is a collateralized stablecoin that generates yield for holders via liquidity harvesting generated by its underlying collection of stablecoin assets. The protocol integrates with Anura Bridging and provides additional options for the investor to control their own yield allocation; allowing them to shift yield allocation to more volatile cryptocurrency indexes.

Allocating yield to more volatile cryptocurrency indexes should be handled with caution and is not recommended for newer investors.

The protocol has a 1:1 stablecoin backing and auto-compounding with variable yield percentages to afford better overall ROI consistency and long-term platform performance and stability. This is exceptional yield farming for the investor that is looking for a safer, consistent return over time.

Anura Messaging

With the introduction of our on-chain messaging application, we are providing the user with end-to-end encryption and anonymity. Using any crypto wallet with our messaging application gives any user the perfect lock and key for safe and secure conversations.

Anura Messaging is currently in alpha testing.

Messages are end-to-end encrypted, done securely on-chain allowing the user to rest easy knowing that their conversations are free from prying eyes.

Anura Multichain Bridge

Utility and accessibility are essential for any decentralized platform. We have developed our own multi-chain bridge to allow investors to access our resources on a variety of blockchain networks. We provide cross-chain value swaps through multichain liquidity bonds and self-balancing, cross-chain liquidity pools with bonding incentives.

The Anura Bridge is built with efficiency and end-user security in mind, leaving out many of the development pitfalls suffered by a number of other alternatives.

DigiFrogs - Community NFT

DigiFrogs is the lineup of NFTs created for the members of the Anura community. Anura NFTs serve as an avenue for additional protocol utility, unlocking additional features and opportunities in future protocol development endeavors.

The original DigiFrogs collection was created for the first 400 members of the Anura community and will not be re-minted.

Additional collections will be added to the DigiFrogs lineup over time, allowing new community members to own a unique piece of digital artwork, along with access to more protocol features — e.g., members that hold a DigiFrogs NFT will be able to unlock additional features in the Anura Arcade.

MetaFrog MiniDAO

The MetaFrog MiniDAO serves as a conglomerate of Anura community investors on the Polygon Network with a focus on fractional NFT investments and Metaverse land purchases.

Investors can contribute capital for a percentage share in the purchase of specific NFTs or plots of Metaverse land. Stakeholders have proportional control of investment and decision-making proposals.

Anura Arcade

Please note that the Anura Arcade is still under development at this time.

The arcade is a larger collection of games, both on-chain and off-chain. Multiplayer games will allow for cross-chain play and have native token support to reward the player with RIBT token. Community members that hold a DigiFrogs NFT will have access to a number of additional features in the Anura Arcade.

There are a number of game titles currently in alpha testing and slated for release later in 2022 — e.g., Anura Zombies, P2E Platformer, Dice Game, Rock/Paper/Scissors.

Roast Chikn NFT

Stay tuned for more information on our next step in our fight for the right for frogs to exist peacefully and free from harm.

Anura CCLB

This project was developed for the Moralis Hackathon and is currently in Alpha testing.

A Cross Chain Liquidity Bond project to support liquidity for Anura Bridging while also allowing individuals to get exposure to native tokens on a variety of core chains.


This project is still in early planning stages and has no official timeline for release.

A launchpad system to encourage and assist new protocols and developers looking to launch in the DeFi space. Projects incubated by Anura DAO will begin their launch cycle on LillyPad.

Anura DevTools

This project is still in early planning stages and has no official listing of contents or any timeline for release.

A collection of projects and developer tools intended to make interaction with Web3 easier for developers and creators.

  • Universal Chain

  • IPFS as a Service

  • Anura Contract Wizard

  • Anura NFT Generator

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