RIBT - Ribbit Token


RIBT token is designed to be used as a medium of utility. The ecosystem is designed to impart universal access to this token in all Anura protocols and projects incubated by the DAO.

RIBT is a native option for the Anura Discord tipping bot. Community members can exchange tokens openly with other holders.

RIBT has a total supply of 200M tokens, distributed as follows:

  • DAO Treasury: 35.4M RIBT

  • Initial Treasury Contributors: 4.6M RIBT vested linearly over two weeks

  • Development Team: 20M RIBT vested linearly over six months

  • Emissions: 40M RIBT

  • Presale Event: 60M RIBT

  • Remaining 40M RIBT will be allocated for incentivizing Liquidity Providers in staking pools for 24 months

ANURA - Anura DAO Governance


ANURA token is designed to act as a measurement of governance. All community members are eligible to receive an equal share of governance tokens.

Note that ANURA is strictly used as an indication of voting power. The token has no monetary value and may not be assigned any monetary value by the holder at any time.

Community members will not receive redistributed governance should they attempt to sell or transfer ownership of their governance to a third-party.

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