Please note that none of this is financial advice. You should do your due diligence to become an informed investor by doing your own research, coming to your own conclusions, and taking note of the risks and responsibilities associated with participating in a decentralized finance protocol.

The team is available in the Discord to answer questions, so please reach out if they're not answered here!

What is a DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is an organization where there is not a hierarchical management structure. The members of the organization hold governing power of the development and decision-making process invoked by the DAO.

All decision-making that results in a directional shift or a funds allocation is put up for public voting by members of the community. At any time, any member of the DAO can provide an official proposal and request a community vote; should the vote pass, the actions outlined in the proposal will be taken and held to be accurate and true by the others in the organization.

The primary purpose of a DAO is to bring people together, pooling talents and resources to accomplish specific development tasks.

What differentiates Anura from other protocols?

Anura is a true governance-first organization, giving a voice to an entire community of developers, creators and crypto-enthusiast investors looking for a project with sensible investment practices and a load of real-world utility built into the ecosystem. Here are just a few ways that Anura is shaking up the DeFi space:

  • Open Development Process Development team livestreams a significant amount of our project development in our Discord servers. They make themselves available to community feedback and development requests.

  • Equal Governance Regardless of Holder Status Community members are all eligible to receive an equal share of voting power, regardless of the supply of RIBT that they currently hold.

  • Security and Stability Developing protocols that are safe and secure for the end user using the latest security practices and some common-sense changes to the way existing DeFi systems work.

  • Active Development and Utility Anura is actively developing protocols and dev tools that will have real-world utility in Web3. We are not interested in being another fork of failing infrastructure.

Anura strives to be a space where developers are free to create projects that interest them and that they see inherent value in.

How can I participate in Anura?

🐸・pond-chat Step 1. Stop by and say hello!

We are very community-focused, so a great place to start is by helping to make our community even better by being an active part of it.

The community is a incredibly active in Discord. There is almost always someone in voice chat and text is always rolling. We have people in just about every time zone and discord channels for a number of different languages; wherever you're from, you have a place in our community!

🎨・contribute Step 2. Post your talents and professional skills and we'll find a place for you to use them!

We have a vibrant community of developers, creators, artists and others contributing time and talent to build Anura into a powerhouse of an organization. We welcome all contributors and look forward to meeting the new talent!

How is Anura funded?

Our funding sources are not complicated because we are not beholden to VC money.

Our DAO is directly funded from protocol earnings. Additionally, protocols incubated within the Anura ecosystem remit a percentage of tokens or revenue back to the Anura DAO treasury.

A rising tide raises all ships, as they say!

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