Q1 | 2022

Initial Protocol Development
Revamp website and roadmap designs. Beta testing for the Anura Games platform and play-to-earn functionality. Finalize production of MetaFrog MiniDao for fractionalized Metaverse investment. Development team participates in Moralis and ETH Denver hackathons.

Q2 | 2022

Anura Fintech DApps
Complete the launch of the Anura community token. Web3 development and creation of protocol-driven applications such as a multichain bridge, cross-chain liquidity bonding to support bridging and protocol growth. Development will begin on the StableFrog project - stablecoin yield farming with auto-compound functionality.

Q3 | 2022

Protocol Development and Update Cycle
Continued development of protocol-driven synthetics/derivatives FinTech applications. Updates and improvements to the MetaFrog MiniDao; development of NFT ladder liquidity protocol. Additional community-building activities and market expansion.

Q4 | 2022

Announcement Pending
There are a number of additional projects in our development pipeline slated for an announcement later this year. Stay involved and keep informed on the latest Anura news to avoid missing out on some of the best protocol implementations on Web3.
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